What Are Custom Android Launchers And Why You Should Use Them

Here is everything you need to know about custom android launchers! One of the primary ways you can customize Android device is by using the custom android launchers. Most of the custom launchers provide you main customizations options such as icons and theme options and home screen customization.

In this article, we have included the information about what are custom android launchers, what are the prime features these custom android launchers, the best android launcher you can use on your android device and the explanation about how to use different features of these custom android launchers to make the look of your android device according to your preferences. So, here you go!

What Custom Launchers Can Do?

The custom android launches replace your whole home screen, which implies they can change the home screen and in addition the app drawer. For instance, these custom launchers can incorporate the themes that influence the look of your home screen and icons in your app drawer. They could change the organization and look of your app drawer, offering you different categories and distinctive methods for arranging your installed apps. These custom launchers could change the graphical effects that happen while swiping around the different apps, and also provides you different swiping options. The best custom android launcher of all is nova launcher prime apk.

Why You Should Use Custom Android Launchers?

In case you are not happy with default interface of your android device, you don’t need to endure it, whether you are running skinned version or stock Android. The default looks and features of android device are not very interesting and that’s why users prefer to go for different customization options to make their device look better.

The android device have different home screen options, however you cannot do more than few widgets and app shortcuts with the default launchers. So, main reason why you should use custom android launchers is that rather than these limitations, you can enjoy a great look of your android device just by installing a good android launcher on your device.

Android launchers enable you to interact and customize with your home screens and the app drawer in different ways. The various other great options go from size, icon shape, fonts, color schemes etc. A few launchers given you an opportunity to use a constant search bar, manage the notifications and use night mode option.

You have most likely seen when you add the shortcuts to your home screens, you are constrained to a specific number of lines and sections, and you can’t simply put the alternate ways wherever you need. With a custom launcher, you can also customize the quantity of columns and rows on your desktop.

The custom android launchers likewise enable you to modify the shape and size of your icons, include and remove the labels, and change your color and various other elements of your android device. Other than that, you can download extra things to support these custom launchers such as premium themes and icon packs.