Top Android Spying Tools

I found some very interesting android remote administration tools that let me hack into my target’s smartphone remotely. Here I am gonna share these top 3 android RATs that you can download free of cost.Top Android Spying Tools

1. Andro RAT

Androrat is a client/server software advanced in Java Android for the consumer side and in Java/Swing for the Server. It have high-quality capabilities that would interest you.

– Get contacts and logs
– Spy all chat conversations
– Track GPS
– Browser History
– Live Phone Monitor
– Remote Camera and Mic
– Send text messages and Make a call

Download AndroRAT.

2. DroidJack

DroidJack is an android remote administration tools lets in a person to control the someone’s cellphone remotely. It has many features which allows a user to get admission to faraway smartphone and carry out specific operations. Download droidjack absolutely cracked.

– Check Messages
– Tap to Calls
– Contacts
– Remote Camera
– Remote Mic
– Browser History
– Apps Info
– Hidden App

3. SpyNote

SpyNote is an android far flung administration tool that permits a person to control the a person’s smartphone remotely. It has many features which allows a user to get admission to remote cellphone and perform particular operations.


– Read Messages
– Spy on Calls
– Contacts Explorer
– Remote Camera for Video and Capturing Photos
– Remote Mic to spy on conversations
– Check Browser History
– Get GPS Location
– Complete Phone and Apps Info