Steps to Connect Xender App with PC to Share Data

Xender app is a beautiful addition in the world of apps, it has facilitated the users in an unbelievable way because file-sharing has always been a one hair-pulling task. Especially when it comes to send or receive large size files then it consumes great time and often it crashes in a middle of a way. In this connection Xender proves to be a desired solution that allows you to transfer your files and documents with a great ease. Here we would guide you how to connect xender to pc for cashing all the benefits of xender.

Note: One key-feature is that you can also Download Xender on PC and use it using Emulator. 

How to connect Xender to your PC

By connecting xender on PC you will be able to transfer your data easily. Your files will be transmitted without getting crashed. So without further ado follow a simple method of connecting xender to PC.

Connect xendere to Pc for File sharing

  1. At the very outset fire up the xender app on device
  2. Click the blue-colored button
  3. After that you need to click on PC
  4. Now switch on the ‘create HotSpot’ from your screen
  5. You will be directed to connect the pc with ‘Wi-Fi Xender
  6. Head up to your browser
  7. Now you need to give the web address that will be appearing on your phone
  8. A prompted message will ask you to accept the confirmation message for connecting both of the devices so hit the button of Accept to move on
  9. Now you will be taken on a page on your Pc where you will be able to see the name of your device or phone, the name of the OS version and storage will be shown.
  10. Select your desired file, the one you want to share
  11. Take the cursor to that file
  12. Look for the Download button
  13. Click it in order to save the file
  14. Your chosen file will downloaded on pc

This is the simplest way of connecting xender on PC, so buckle up yourself to share files through xender on your PC without any kind of nuisance. No matter how the hefty and mighty your file is xender will transfer it in few seconds safely and securely.