Download Knife Hit Android

Are you ready to enter into a world of spikes with the knife as your weapon and a lot of fruits to crush! Sounds interesting? If yes, then download knife hit android and play this amazing game.

Knife Hit android is the latest game designed especially for your android. You can download this game with Apk format with any version of smartphone.

An Introduction to Knife Hit Android:

The idea of this game is based on unlimited fun and treasure hunting. You have to hit the target board with a knife. At each right target, you get exciting gifts and price as the name shows hit the knife and get the reward.

If you keep playing this game regularly or whenever you want to convert your boredom in fun then gradually you’ll become a knife master. But be careful of spikes and knives if this stuff hit you, you will, unfortunately, lose the game. So, play safe and have fun.

Knife Hit Apk is one of the best games in 2018 compatible with androids and iOS. This is a perfect partner of your fun time especially when there are plenty of rewards and surprises are kept for you.  Don’t panic if you think you are too old to play this game because there is no age limit for fun.

Download Knife Hit Android


The game has many stunning features that make it attractive for gamers of all ages. Some significant features of Knife Hit Apk are:

·         You can remove ads for free.

·         The game is available to download publically absolutely free and yes, with a free continuation of course.

·         By playing this game the user will get lots of rewards like a pack of sparkling red knives, advanced weapons and much more.

·         The fun is not over yet. Get exclusive accomplishments and surprises on a weekly basis. After downloading the game you will get a superb prize and accomplishment every weekend.

Knife Hit becomes easy to download with Apk Extension:

Knife Hit Android is an advanced game developed by ketchapp to make your dull routine happy. Android games and applications can be easily downloaded by Apk extension. The same case is with knife hit android.

If you have an Apk extension already then you can Download Knife Hit Android from there in no time. Otherwise, you can download the Apk format. Games downloaded with this format are virus-free, safe and secure to play.

How to download:

Simply follow the below mentioned steps to download knife hit android:

·         Download the Apk extension if you do not have it already.

·         Kindly make sure you are downloading Apk from a certified source.

·         After that type “knife Hit Apk” in the search bar.

·         You will get two android compatible versions of the game.

·         Choose any one of them according to your mobile’s caliber.

·         Download the game by giving a tap to the download icon.

·         When downloading will be completed you will be directed towards installation page.

·         After installation android system will send you a confirmation message.

·         Now you can unlimited fun of this amazing game for free.