Top Android Spying Tools

I found some very interesting android remote administration tools that let me hack into my target’s smartphone remotely. Here I am gonna share these top 3 android RATs that you can download free of cost.Top Android Spying Tools

1. Andro RAT

Androrat is a client/server software advanced in Java Android for the consumer side and in Java/Swing for the Server. It have high-quality capabilities that would interest you.

– Get contacts and logs
– Spy all chat conversations
– Track GPS
– Browser History
– Live Phone Monitor
– Remote Camera and Mic
– Send text messages and Make a call

Download AndroRAT.

2. DroidJack

DroidJack is an android remote administration tools lets in a person to control the someone’s cellphone remotely. It has many features which allows a user to get admission to faraway smartphone and carry out specific operations. Download droidjack absolutely cracked.

– Check Messages
– Tap to Calls
– Contacts
– Remote Camera
– Remote Mic
– Browser History
– Apps Info
– Hidden App

3. SpyNote

SpyNote is an android far flung administration tool that permits a person to control the a person’s smartphone remotely. It has many features which allows a user to get admission to remote cellphone and perform particular operations.


– Read Messages
– Spy on Calls
– Contacts Explorer
– Remote Camera for Video and Capturing Photos
– Remote Mic to spy on conversations
– Check Browser History
– Get GPS Location
– Complete Phone and Apps Info

Best Android Web Browser Apps

There are quite a number of good web browsers that are available for Android. You can choose among the array of options according the features you need. There are several choices available and some of them may be perfect for syncing with the desktop while others could be useful for browsing at a super speed. Some of them are very popular among the users while others are less known. Some of the best Android browsers are as follows.opera mini download

Opera Mini/Mobile

Opera Mobile works as good as the Opera for the desktop. In Opera Mini APK Mod Link is supported by this browser which lets you get your bookmarks synced. It also lets you speed dials and many other preferences. It is a very fast browser and it is also free. It is very effective when it comes to compressing data. Download opera mini browser free of cost.


There have been a lot of developments in the Firefox browser. It is very fast and the best part is that it is also free. The Firefox sync is fully supported by this website; therefore, you can get the passwords and the bookmarks if it is used in the desktop. The Do Not Track was supported initially by this browser. It also hosts the start screen called “Awesome Page” that will
let you see all the tabs that have visited recently, which will let you get back to your activities, in case you had put the phone down for some reason.


Last month finally saw Android Chrome leaving beta. Therefore, it will be able to go for the browser of new “stock” on the devices that are based on Android. In case you run the Jelly Bean or the ICS you must get Firefox or Chrome downloaded. Incognito Mode browsing is also supported by this browser. It also supports the syncing of the bookmarks via the Chrome
sync. It has also updated itself with the tab syncing and search syncing. Anything that could be synced by chrome on the desktop will be available on the Android device. Since it is furiously  fast, it is optimized for the mobile phones. The only downside of this browser is that it has not been designed to run with Honeycomb and Gingerbread.

Dolphin Browser HD/Mini

It may not be as popular as the first two, but it is very effective when it comes to Android based browsers. There is hardly any comparison when it comes to the tools and options of this browser. It supports quite a number of plugins of third party. It also supports features of on screen gestures for opening the bookmarks and navigating around the pages. There are two variants of this browser. The first one is the “HD” version and the second one is called the “Mini version”. It may not be a very big name, but it should be given a try for effective browsing.

These are some of the browsers for the Android based phones that you may sue depending on the
features that you are in need of.

Play Store Top Apps Ever

Play Store Top Apps

Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard is the final keyboard for Android. That’s partly because it borrowed the great features from some other place – Glide Typing is remarkably similar to Swipe as an example – however, it is higher than that. Google seeks constructed right into it, meaning that anywhere you in Android you can quickly search for things. Someone desires to recognize wherein you’re meeting? Get the deal with without leaving the chat window. Want to drop a GIF in to show your irritating at Googling on their behalf? Google a GIF and send it proper back.

Solid Explorer File Management

Yes, it’s dull, however, have you ever located an Android telephone to have a realistic manner of navigating your documents such as you’d find on PC or Mac? I virtually haven’t. This is wherein Solid File Explorer comes in. It uses Google’s very own Material Design style for an easy to use experience, which makes transferring your files around and reclaiming area a doddle. What’s extra, it hyperlinks as much as cloud storage systems so that you can without problems pass data from side to side, and the present day model lets you lock essential documents with a fingerprint, must you want.

Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner

Let’s face it: all of us take loads of pictures, and not all of them are world beaters. The hassle is with constrained garage, and your telephone can quickly emerge as overrun with mediocre snaps. Yes, you could manually delete and returned them up, but with the assist of Gallery Doctor, that technique may be automatic.
Gallery Doctor hunts down duplicate pics and highlights them for deletion, however higher nonetheless it is aware of what makes a terrific image and can spotlight your weaker efforts for elimination. Don’t worry, and you can check its running to ensure you’re no longer deleting any classics – however it is a useful more vital eye while trying to reclaim valuable space.

Azar App

The Azar Mod Apk is quite simple and the borders and let them be the pals of each other through video chat and instantaneous messaging. The customers from across the borders can effortlessly explore the cultures of the arena and meet the brand new users of their matches. They also can upload them to their pal list to have an instant chat with them while online. You can interact with all people within no time.
That is set off based entirely on the facial reputation and springs in the complete range of the social effect and have last a laugh in costumes.

The Azar Mod Apk is that I can translate your messages mechanically in any language. It is nicely globalized and helps 19 exclusive languages and cultures. You can swipe to move to the subsequent online consumer with whom you may chat and have a laugh.

Guide Sniper 3D APK MOD for Android

Today we are going to introduce the first-person shooting game for the Android platform. And undoubtedly, it is one of the best & most amazing & appealing game which lets you enjoy the best aiming on your Android Smartphone. And it none other than the Sniper 3D APK. After the release of the official game the people start looking for modified version of the game. So, you can easily download the official version and the modified version.

sniper 3d mod

In the Sniper 3D APK MOD the main goal of the player is to kill the crooks, terrorist, and intruders. All you need is to set an aim from the distance and knock out the head of the intruders. The missions of the Sniper 3D APK MOD are there with same target. There are total 30 missions in the game. The starter missions are very simple easy, and straight forward. You just have to knock out one head but later on as you proceed in the game you have to kill multiple crooks. All of the missions are held in the Tonka Bay, Landsburg, and Porter statures.

With the Sniper 3D APK MOD you can enjoy each and every assets of the game from the very beginning. No need to wait for anyone. Just Download & install Sniper 3D APK MOD and enjoy the best first-person shooting game on your Android Smartphone.

With the 30 basic missions you also have to finish the side missions. With the successful completion of each mission you will be awarded with a cash, ammo, and much more things which you can use while playing the game. But having a MOD of the game means everything unlocked and unlimited available for free. You will have unlimited cash, ammo, unlocked missions, weapons, and other necessary gadgets. You will enjoy the following guns in the game.

  • Rifles unlocked
  • Assault Rifles unlocked.
  • Shotguns unlocked.
  • Pistols unlocked.

TubeMate video Downloader For Free Latest Version

Downloading a video from youtube is now not a big problem video. Tubemate video downloader arises as a solution of all such problems, you can download your favorite videos from youtube and other visual websites easily directly to your phone storage or SD card directly. Not only the videos you can download the audio files of these videos directly as you can download a connected mp3 audio file to that video. If you want to download only audio of any video of youtube you can do it easily with the help of tubemate.

TubeMate video Downloader is an application to download videos from YouTube directly on your mobile phone, thanks to which you can save all your favorite videos in the memory of the SD card and watch them whenever you want. You can share these video on WhatsApp and another social media app directly from your phone. You can share your favorite video clips and songs in video and mp3 audio formats by downloading from youtube.

youtube video downloader

At that time, you can choose the quality in which you want to download your video, usually with many different resolution options adapted to the different terminals compatible with Android with this application. Depending on the download format you choose, you may need an additional application to play your files. The downloaded videos are sent by default to your storage card, but you can easily move them at your leisure if you prefer to store them in separate places. TubeMate YouTube Downloader enables you to quickly access, search, share and download YouTube videos. Because downloading always happens in the background, you can go on watching YouTube, surfing the Internet, tweeting, and listening to your music as you download.

TubeMate Youtube video downloader makes video download simple and easy. To download, you only need to use the search functionality included in the application. Type the name of the video you want to download, and the video will appear with the download option. You can choose video resolution at this point. Unlike some other video download apps, TubeMate lets you download more than one video at a time. If you select multiple videos to download, TubeMate will be placed on them and downloaded all at the same time.

tubemate video downloader

Formats supported

TubeMate supports many video formats including mp4, avi, and 3gp. If you only choose to download audio and video, you can do so by choosing the mp3 format you download. Give your vehicle a few minutes to work. The time you need to upload a video depends on the resolution and video size you choose. Long-term videos would be great. If your Internet connection is turned off while loading, the download process will be fully recovered from the download point after your internet connection is restored.

Key Features

* Fast download mode(with multiple connections for a download)
* Multiple download resolution options
* Background, multi-download
* Resume downloading
* Convert to MP3 (powered by MP3 Media Converter)
* YouTube search and related videos suggestions

Download MX Player Pro For Free And How To Use

Download MX Player Pro For Free is one of the best video players to watch the video in high quality. If you have some issue to download to download MX more play in the play store. Don’t worry we resolve this issue. Here you can easily download Mx Player. One of the best parts of this application is you can save the video in a hidden folder.

Therefore, no one sees your private videos. There are no doubts that nowadays MX Player is the best Android media player in the world. When you analyze their function and facts with another media player, you will see so many difference. If you have any hesitation to use this application, this is the correct platform I will tell you how to use MX Player easily and also tells you the hidden features of this Apk.

Download MX Player Pro For Free


There are millions of people who download MX Player from the Google Play Store and other websites. But they pay charges to download this application. I give tell you how to download MX Player for free. Here is the link to download MX Player Pro for free. There are thousands of users how can download this Apk from our site and they give high satisfied reviews with the performance of this application. The rating of this Apk is 4.3 out of 5 stars in this sites. Unfortunately, not all video player has support to the desktop. But Mx Player support all kind of videos and it all the major subtitle file formats. You can straightly download the application for your Android or PC gadget from the connections specified beneath.

Likewise, keep in mind to download mx player custom codec documents from underneath which will give you a chance to play DTS sound on your smartphones.

How to Download And Use MX Player.

Today, I am going to tell you how to easily download and easily use MX Player pro for free.

1. Firstly you can download MX Player Pro above the link.

2. When the mx player is installed then you can launch the app on your system.

3. Now see the folder of videos on them on the media player. There are also recently video which you can’t see or play. To watch the previous video which you watched before click on the big play button.

4. Presently you can simply ahead and play a video and even secure the screen with the goal that you don’t click and the screen and look for or move to the following video. You can likewise clear up on the left piece of the screen to expand volume, or compass upon the privilege to build screen brightness.

5. You can also watch TV Series with their subtitle. You can add them to your video on MX Player Pro.

6. In MX Player you can convert video file to audio file if you don’t watch the video.


Information about APK Editor Pro Cracked Version

We call it Apk editor pro because of many purposes. This article will help you to know how powerful this application is. Feel free to download it but we will highly recommend you read this whole article before downloading it because in this article we are going to reveal all the powerful and hidden facts and figure about Apk Editor Pro Cracked.

You can do a lot of things through apk editor like you can edit any application on your wish. you can rename any application and take your favorite name. you can also edit the permissions which are required for applications. You can redesign the application environment, deleting ads and much more. If You have some professional skills then you can do amazing things through this apk editor pro cracked. It’s all depends on your abilities and skills.


APK Editor pro cracked

Apk editor pro cracked is one of the best and most popular applications which can be installed on your android devices. You can use it to edit any application, modify as well as save it. It has the support of Andriod OS. You can edit the large files easily with the best fastest speed. In case you are facing any difficulty in downloading the apk editor pro cracked version then we will highly recommend you to install the latest version or ping us at any time. our experts will love to help you in downloading and installing APK Editor Pro Cracked Version.

Apk Editor Pro Cracked Version

Features of APK Editor Pro Cracked

There are many amazing features of Apk editor pro cracked version. some of them are given below.

  1. You can edit any app with the help of apk editor.
  2. You can easily remove the permission on an apk through the apk editor pro cracked.
  3. You can modify any file directly through the apk editor.
  4. It also offers you with the built-in hack app data option.

Go download and enjoy the amazing features of apk editor and don’t forget to tell us about this article in your comments. thank you.

Roblox – A platform of variety of cool games

Roblox is an app that is known for a sizzling sensation of youngsters because of the awesome collection of its games. The games of Roblox cater both boys and girls, mostly the pre-teens and teen agers love to play Roblox games. Roblox has too much to offer, its games are appealing, innovative and interesting. It supports multi-players that is probably the best thing about Roblox. You would be surprised to know that Roblox games are user-generated, so you can’t just play Roblox games rather you can also create games for Roblox.

Roblox is a platform of variety of cool games

roblox apk unlimited robux

Roblox has a huge diversity of interesting games, the games of Roblox aren’t childish yet easy to play and full of fun. You can download Roblox Apk with Unlimited Robux and enjoy the benefits of  having premium features. The well-detailed genres will enable you to select your desired and favorite game from the lists. The pizza lovers can open a pizza shop, it will be a great fun to play this game. If sensation is your area of interest then you might love playing zombies games.

Roblox contains tons of Roblox games that are free to play. Some of the most desired games of Roblox are:

Roblox is a platform for cool games

  • Scuba diving at quill lake
  • Work at a pizza place
  • Super bomb survival
  • Speed run 4
  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Theme Park Tycoon 2
  • Hide and seek extreme
  • Murder Mystery 2

The list goes on, once you dive into the deep sea of Roblox there will be no end of fun. These games are highly famous amongst the users. You can also invite your friends to play games with you. Roblox isn’t merely a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online), rather it is a platform that also appreciates talent and skills that can produce good and adventurous games on Roblox. You can learn and teach others, from your friends you can learn valuable stuff and can share your own wisdom and integrity with them regarding the making of games. Roblox games are easy-to-use and they come with the kind of programming language that is tend to be lightweight. A player is given a freedom to create his own virtual toolbox that helps him in building his own Roblox game.

Roblox APK Download latest Version

Roblox is the best platform to envision with Friends. it is a significant multiplayer online game creation platform that permits individuals to develop their very own video games and play various kinds of video games designed by other customers via the Roblox Studio. Every day, online travelers involve Roblox to produce experiences, play video games, duty play and also learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment. Since 2006 it has actually been improving quickly. You can access Roblox on PC/IOS/ Android tools. In this page, we are going to explain concerning the Roblox home window 10/8/7/ XP/MAC. Scroll down to check out the total information concerning the Roblox COMPUTER. In addition, you can figure out the upgraded and also official version of Roblox COMPUTER video game listed below. Click the listed below Roblox APK Download and install COMPUTER switch to download and install the.exe submit on your PC/ Laptop computer. Follow this post to get the full understanding of Roblox windows 7/8/10 installment process.


Sign up with the area of 6 million monthly gamers and also check out remarkable worlds from 3D multiplayer video games (shooter, RPG, MMO) to interactive experiences where buddies construct lumber mills or develop as well as fly spacecraft. Invite to the ultimate virtual universe powered by creative imagination where any person can produce journeys, play games, function play, as well as find out with their friends.

– Play paintball with your close friends
– Run a pizza shop
– Discover other galaxies
– Outmaneuver adversary jets
– Fight pirates
– Race challengers through barrier courses
– Fight zombies
– Star in a fashion show
– Socialize with your friends in a digital club
– Huge multi-player pc gaming system
– Thousands of video games to pick from
– Customizable characters
– Enabled message and also chat attributes
– Free to download and install, with in-app purchases

ROBLOX is cost-free to download and also set up. Nonetheless, some game products can additionally be purchased with genuine cash. A network connection is required to play as well as ROBLOX games function best over wifi.

Roblox APK Download latest Version
Login to your existing Roblox account and also play on the go!
COMPUTER customers are currently quite familiar with the application called ROBLOX. Currently, that app is available for your android smart phone! ROBLOX is one of the most significant video gaming systems on the marketplace that you can download free of charge. You can use this platform nevertheless you select! By “nevertheless” I literally suggest, nonetheless. You can create, destroy, explore, fight, race and much, a lot more!
Every experience that you find in ROBLOX is user-generated. What this means is that you have the liberty to create anything you can potentially imagine. You can create your very own parks, be an astronaut, have an all-out weapon battle with your buddies, turn into one of your favorite superheroes as well as even construct your own residence!
Did I mention you can have fun with your friends? Well, that’s an additional awesome feature that ROBLOX has to provide. You can quickly connect with other individuals and enjoy multiplayer video games.
There are essentially thousands of games as well as mods that you can try right from the beginning. If you are looking for business, I doubt that you will ever be alone as ROBLOX has over million of energetic customers.
Features worth keeping in mind include:
– Play with each other within immersive 3D globes constructed by players
– Safe and also moderated environment, imagination guidelines supreme
– Socialize with your friends as well as millions of other gamers throughout computer systems

ROBLOX Publisher’s Description

ROBLOX is an on-line collection of worlds, built with a virtual Lego-like set, that kids of every ages can mess around in.

To get the most out of ROBLOX, you need to subscribe, which offers you an adjustable character as well as a in-game property to experiment with. There are 2 sorts of ROBLOX account– free and also premium– and the advantages available per certainly differ. In the online world, you can make use of different bricks to construct whatever you desire. If you need motivation, you can take a look at various other individual’s worlds or ROBLOX games they have produced.

The first thing that’ll strike you concerning ROBLOX is that it’s a little bit uncomfortable. It’s certainly kid-safe, however isn’t really user-friendly. For curious and also practically positive youngsters and also young adults, however, this might actually be a bonus offer. There’s a great deal of flexibility with what you can do, as long as you have persistence! Building is just like with Lego – you make things from a range of bricks. With effort and time, you can develop massive and also complex buildings.

The ROBLOX customer produced globes as well as video games are impressive, yet regrettably, the video game engine isn’t fantastic as well as the cam can be very frustrating as it rotates around as well as appears as well as out of the display obviously at random. Regardless of this, ROBLOX is really, actually prominent and also has a vibrant on the internet community, so some children obviously appreciate it!

ROBLOX is a terrific concept – allowing children produce their very own on the internet globes that they can share with buddies – yet is rather harsh around the edges.
What’s New in Version of ROBLOX


Included function to filter program messages
Added notification stream button to mobile topbar
Made it possible for customized mesh insertion

What Are Custom Android Launchers And Why You Should Use Them

Here is everything you need to know about custom android launchers! One of the primary ways you can customize Android device is by using the custom android launchers. Most of the custom launchers provide you main customizations options such as icons and theme options and home screen customization.

In this article, we have included the information about what are custom android launchers, what are the prime features these custom android launchers, the best android launcher you can use on your android device and the explanation about how to use different features of these custom android launchers to make the look of your android device according to your preferences. So, here you go!

What Custom Launchers Can Do?

The custom android launches replace your whole home screen, which implies they can change the home screen and in addition the app drawer. For instance, these custom launchers can incorporate the themes that influence the look of your home screen and icons in your app drawer. They could change the organization and look of your app drawer, offering you different categories and distinctive methods for arranging your installed apps. These custom launchers could change the graphical effects that happen while swiping around the different apps, and also provides you different swiping options. The best custom android launcher of all is nova launcher prime apk.

Why You Should Use Custom Android Launchers?

In case you are not happy with default interface of your android device, you don’t need to endure it, whether you are running skinned version or stock Android. The default looks and features of android device are not very interesting and that’s why users prefer to go for different customization options to make their device look better.

The android device have different home screen options, however you cannot do more than few widgets and app shortcuts with the default launchers. So, main reason why you should use custom android launchers is that rather than these limitations, you can enjoy a great look of your android device just by installing a good android launcher on your device.

Android launchers enable you to interact and customize with your home screens and the app drawer in different ways. The various other great options go from size, icon shape, fonts, color schemes etc. A few launchers given you an opportunity to use a constant search bar, manage the notifications and use night mode option.

You have most likely seen when you add the shortcuts to your home screens, you are constrained to a specific number of lines and sections, and you can’t simply put the alternate ways wherever you need. With a custom launcher, you can also customize the quantity of columns and rows on your desktop.

The custom android launchers likewise enable you to modify the shape and size of your icons, include and remove the labels, and change your color and various other elements of your android device. Other than that, you can download extra things to support these custom launchers such as premium themes and icon packs.