Best PC Games to Play in 2019

In this article, I have included top best PC games to play in 2019! In the console-dominated world, you may think the idea of playing the video games on your computer; however that is surely not the situation. The computer gaming is as large as it’s at any point been, and there is an incredible selection of games to play in 2019.


PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the Battle Royale-style multiplayer shooter game. Just like the Fortnite game, you are plonked on the island and set against each other in a battle until the very end. Last man (or group) standing wins.

It is straightforward, simple enough to get and play with companions, and encourages a lot of shootouts. The game has been trending in the year 2018 and hence this is best game to consider playing in 2019.

Clone Hero

This is not a shooting game; it is actually a guitar/rhythm game. It is the clone version of famous guitar hero game. The fans of guitar hero game can play this game for free with all the features of guitar hero and with the additional advanced features as well. If you want to play the clone hero game, you can download it from


The Overwatch game is also similar to the shooting game Fortnite with various different features and graphics in it. The game is a standout amongst the most convincing shooting video games out there. You will be investing the vast majority of your free energy in it, playing one round after another.

With a special list of playable classes and characters, this game is another case of Blizzard’s brilliant work, and outstanding among other aggressive shooters we have found in the recent years.


Alright, not exactly a first-individual shooter, but rather this third-individual shooter is move pressed and has made off like a lightweight plane – play on words proposed. The Fortnite game is the cartoonist Battle Royale shooter, where your point is to get by for as long as possible.

A definitive objective is to be the last individual (or group) remaining among 100 different players in the game. Fortnite hence is another best game to play in 2019.


The Subnautica game has made it onto our rundown of 2019’s best PC games. This game is, basically, an open- ended survival diversion which sees you crash arriving on alien ocean planet, with only a couple of essential materials to kick you off.

It is a huge open world, overflowing with the alien life and risks around each corner, constraining you to rummage and specialty a wide range of gadgets and devices to enable you to remain alive as far as might be feasible.

These are the best PC games to play in 2019, tell us your favorite one out of these in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you!